A downloadable asset pack

Free Roguelike Dungeon - Asset Bundle for your project. Includes 50+ Animations!

The majority of the assets are 40x40, the bosses are 80x80. These are exported x6 of their original sizes.

If you have any requests regarding this bundle or would just like to keep vigilant for future asset bundles, follow me on twitter: @UilleagGodwin


• Player

• Weapons

• Monsters

• Bosses

• Items

• Props

• 50+ Animations

And more!

If you would like to manipulate any of these assets, feel free to do so. I hope you enjoy the bundle!

Credits is appreciated :)

Install instructions

Extract RAR.

Thank you for downloading my asset bundle!

If you have any requests regarding this bundle or would just like to keep vigilant for future asset bundles, follow me on twitter: @UilleagGodwin


Roguelike Dungeon - Asset Bundle.rar 386 kB


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WOW these look amazing! Guess I'll be learning Godot with these assets...! ;)


Hey! We used shield and potion animation in our game for the LudumDare jam: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/the-feast

Thanks a lot for this pack! Check out comments, there is some people pointing out that those animations are top notch


this is awesome when I make a hack n slash game using this I whould like you to try it out and gimme an opinion will ya


You’ve everything you need to make games that’ll be spoken of for ages to come: talent. Me and my friends have made multiple games, but none of them as detailed as what you’ve got here! Should we all work together, I’m positive we will make something that won’t be easily forgotten

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I can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose ? After download rar does not decompress. It looks like the file is damaged.

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Yes of course! This is for both Personal and Commercial use. There should be no issues with the .rar, make sure you have WinRAR or WinZip downloaded and simply right click and extract....

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I will try update my winrar :D
Thanks! Great job!


amazing , thanks !


Will it have other assets?